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Imagini Exclusively vet our artists and photographers. The premium nature of our Exhibitions and clients demands it. Apply below for consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What image formats do you offer?

Imagini will create your very own masterpiece and transform the artists photos and artwork into stunning wall art. Imagini uses Premium polished, best-in-class, 99.9% optically pure acrylic and the latest printing craftmanship. We also provide high definition metal print technology. Robust, waterproof and scuff resistant, this creates an eye-catching metal wall art feature in any environment.

Can I have multiple purchases?

Each and every image is a signed limited edition creation and we must therefore limit a single purchase to a single buyer per transaction.

How do the image subscription plans work?

Subscriptions at this time are restricted to our visiting exhibitors. These exhibitors are vetted to maintain the quality and standards we must adhere to  for our clients.

What if I just want one photo?

Contact our administrator from the gallery to make your order. Each image will detail the size and finish type of the image as well as the authenticity of the work.

Do you provide an image subscription plans?

Imagini do not provide image subscription plans at this time

How much do contributors get from each sale?

Contract fees are strictly private as we value the relationship between Imagini, our visiting exhibitors and our clients and their privacy.

Live Support

  • Live support will be implemented soon.